Date: April 20, 2016, 11:45 am

Isfahan, Hong Kong businessmen talk to explore trade opportunities

Vice President of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce said that Isfahan welcomes foreign investors especially from Hong Kong in mine, banking, insurance, hotel construction and tourism sectors.

Ghasem Ali Jabbari added developing railway and urban railway in Isfahan can attract investment.

Head of Hong Kong Trade Institute Peri Fung said that U.S. is the biggest foreign investor; China is the biggest country open to foreign investment in the world and Hong Kong is the second country in the world regarding attracting investment.

Fung reiterated that the trip aims at getting information to develop economic ties.
Director General of Customs Office of Isfahan province said that exports Isfahan's customs were about $1.3b last year.

Assadoallah Ahmadi Vanhari added that the exported products from Isfahan province to 58 world countries mostly consisted of oil and petrochemical products, iron, cast iron, steel, hand-made and machine-made carpets, dairy, and agricultural products.

Hong Kong's trade and economic delegation is active in different fields such as clothing, textiles, food and beverages, construction and tourism, tourism industry management, electronic trade, leather, fashion, construction of energy storage facilities, sewage system, packaging and banking.

Based on statistics announced by official sources, Iran's exports to Hong Kong consisted of dried fruit, chicken and food, leather and skin, polymers, iron ore, building stone, plastics, and petrochemicals.

Imports from Hong Kong consisted of computer parts and office supplies,
telecommunication equipment and the related parts, clock, radio, tape, electrical machinery and spare parts, cloth, home appliances and electronic circuits.

Over 80% of Iran's exports to Hong Kong are related to dried fruits.