Date: April 19, 2016, 7:25 pm
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93% of Iran trade carried out through waterways

Addressing the Conference on Sea Role in Resistance Economy at Arak University on Tuesday, he added that Iran is located in the strategic point of the world's energy center which accounts for 71 percent of global oil production and 69 percent of gas.

However, Iran's position and status is not acceptable, given its strategic location, he said.

Out of total 4,200,000 Iranian students, only 18,000 are studying in the courses pertaining to marine sciences, he said, noting that this signifies lack of a comprehensive and scientific roadmap for scientific exploitation of facilities corresponding with the capacities and needs.

Exploitation of Iran's sea resources and waters requires amendment of national perspective as the valuable sources have been neglected over the past years, the commander said.

Sea resources can be utilized in the best manner through practical plans and modern technologies to take basic steps in line with resistance economy, Sayyari said.

Hailing Iran's water and sea conditions as unique, the commander called for optimal use of the capacities through planning and supervision.